Video & Animation.

From bulldogs to ballerinas. From cavemen to cocktails. We’ve produced myriad video advertisements, animated presentations and corporate films. From a ten second social media advert to a six hour restaurant menu. From Italian marble fireplaces to plasticine squirrels.

We tackle every job with the same enthusiasm and determination to meet your needs. And exceed your expectations.

featuring Christopher Eccleston.

As award winning jobs go, we’re quite proud of this one – not least because it stars acclaimed actor (and Doctor Who!) Christopher Eccleston.

Aimed at primary school children, the Caveman’s Career is an animated short which explores finding employment based on your ambitions rather than what is expected of you. Whether you’re a passionate musician, mathematician or magician, your interests should inform your career choices. We designed a ton of bolt-on practical classroom activities which explore the concept of self-employment after kids had watched the cartoon.

Enjoy this short clip.

Breakfasts. Burgers. Beaujolais.

While waiting for your takeaway at the award winning Antonio’s Bar & Grill what better way to relax than discovering more about their menu.

Always keen to innovate, Antonio’s have kitted out their takeaway with five HD screens which show looping videos of their various menus. They’re not selling anything (most customers are collecting phone orders) but reinforcing their brand and showcasing their extensive range.

With plenty of behind the scenes shots, the quality of their ingredients and the skill which goes into each meal is clear to see. This further underpins the Antonio’s brand and their dedication to producing the best food.

Logo Animation.

Logo Animation.

Selling a Stud. Bully for You.

Why tell people about your champion British Bully stud when you can show them! This short commercial for Charlie the Bully does just that.

Filmed over two days across Southport, it was important we showed Charlie full of beans outdoors as well as chilling at home. Not just to show how good looking he is but to clearly demonstrate he is a well loved family pet.

This is the USP we were keen to make with Charlie – he’s not primarily a stud dog, he is clearly a well cared for and valued pet. A distinction which gives him the edge over his competitors. (And yes it was great fun spending an hour trying to convince him to run towards the camera for ten seconds.)

Devils Cove. Enter if you Dare.

One of Merseyside’s most popular Tattoo Studios, Devils Cove has an unrivalled reputation for their art – and unique premises!

Alongside the very latest tattoo equipment and very comfy chairs, the Studio is jam packed with horror memorabilia from film and TV. The premises have real personality so, when we were asked to create a TV commercial, it made sense to include them. This minute long ad showcases their tattoos of course – but there are jump scares and horror effects included in the mix. These create atmosphere, a corporate look and set Devils Cove streets ahead of their rivals.

Watch to the end – if you dare!

Logo Animation.

Logo Animation.

Collaborate. Attain. Achieve.

North Huyton Learning Collaborative was an education initiative working to increase collaboration, attainment and achievement in Knowsley schools.

We’d produced the NHLC quarterly magazine for ages but to mark their fifth anniversary they asked us to create something with a bit more oomph. A video documentary, with contributions from stakeholders, staff, kids and parents, was the obvious choice. Rather than before and after images, we could show real-time progress of NHLC projects and showcase their achievements much more dramatically than on a printed page. 

This title sequence sets a suitable tone for the 15 minute documentary.

Troy Hawke & Landlocked Mik.

With frequent TV appearances and over 10,000 tickets for his latest tour sold, Troy Hawke is a comedic force to be reckoned with.

He asked us to animate some audio recordings from his live shows to make them more accessible on social media. We suggested a homage to classic Monty Python animations would be ideal – and here we are! This Landlocked Mik clip is a perfect example of just how well he works an audience – and how fast he thinks on his feet. Shoulders back – smash it!

Check out our Portfolio for a few more examples of our work for Troy.

Friday Night Out. At Home.

A true lockdown success story, BarLancers gave subscribers the chance to have a party – including drinks – in the comfort of their home.

Packages included an online quiz, live comedy, interactive games and competitions. Cocktail ingredients were delivered ahead of time to enable customers to take part in a Mixology Masterclass. With pubs shut and socialising forbidden, the project was an instant success.

This video advert was the first in a series, each including new footage from the previous Big Night Out. This built on the success of previous sessions and kept their marketing fresh.

Whether you’re planning to wow shareholders with a corporate video or impress social media followers with a quirky animation, let’s talk.