Environmental Imagery

D W Treecare.

With unrivalled experience, qualifications and expertise, DW Treecare are Merseyside’s premier tree surgeons. They’re highly professional, thoroughly nice chaps and we’re chuffed they entrust their design work to us.

Already an established brand with a first class reputation, DWT asked us to redesign their logo and give their marketing a bit more oomph.

There was a natural progression in our work – building their new identity from the bottom up and applying it to their vehicles, website and marketing:

Corporate Identity.

Where it all started: As with all of our logo projects, we went through several draft designs and colour variations before hitting on an image which our client was entirely happy with. It was important the identity worked well on social media – where a great deal of DW Treecare’s business is generated – a circular design suits this requirement perfectly.

Vehicle Livery.

DW Treecare’s vehicles and equipment are pretty big – giving us the opportunity to design and fit decals which really pop. With logos over a metre in height and contact details almost 1.5 metres long, we’ve taken full advantage of the available space to create maximum impact.


There’s much more to trees than first meets the eye – the DW Treecare site lists almost a dozen services alongside their qualifications, protections and environmental commitments.

The website has an informal and friendly feel with plenty of photos and customer reviews to validate DWTs experience. Stylised tree and shrub icons are used instead of standard bullet points – a minor tweak which makes a big difference in creating a corporate look.

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Targeted Marketing.

DW Treecare often identify potential customers whilst working on other jobs. Flyers which detail the services they offer are hand delivered to homes with trees which would benefit from a little TLC.