The Greeters Guild

Troy Hawke.

With a list of awards as long as his smoking jacket, Troy Hawke is one of the UKs most popular comedians. We’re proud to produce a huge range of design for him – social media posts, flyers and posters for his sell out Edinburgh Fringe show and even animations.

Troy dug out some audios from his early gigs and asked us to bring them to life. After much discussion we discovered a mutual admiration for Terry Gilliam’s Monty Python animations and this led us to create something in a similar style. Here’s one dealing with a heckler:

With venues continually selling out, instagram posts need updating often. Thankfully our hard work doesn’t go unnoticed…

We were, of course, deeply humbled when asked to design a logo for the Greeters Guild – an illustrious organisation of which Troy is President (and the only member) – along with all the on-screen visuals for his new tour.