Saving the Planet

NetZero UK.

The environmental impact of the UK hospitality industry is astonishing. Each year it generates 46million tonnes of food waste and accounts for 5% of carbon emissions.

Net Zero Hospitality UK is a group of industry experts who want to radically reduce those numbers and create a new blueprint for hospitality.

We were tasked with creating a corporate identity and range of brochures. Presenting a lot of information can be tricky – if a page looks overwhelming readers will skip through. It’s our job to make sure the format attracts and holds their attention throughout.

With a flexible corporate style based around golds and greens we developed self-contained pages which present information in a readily accessible style.

Text-heavy pages are broken up with double page photos to give an informal but authoritative look. Carefully researched information from inside the industry sits seamlessly alongside facts and figures from government and the United Nations.

The finished brochures represent a comprehensive framework for the future of hospitality and have been warmly received across the sector.