ingenious identities

Logo Design.

We’ve plenty of experience – and expertise – in logo design. With products ranging from wigs to dog food and clients as diverse as singing waiters and roofers, we’re pretty confident we can create the right brand for your enterprise.

It’s pretty obvious but we’ll say it anyway- a well designed logo tells customers about you. It effectively represents the type of business you are as well as your brand message – be it inspirational, reflective, friendly, executive, quirky or anything in between. A well designed logo tells a story. Let us tell yours.

Building a trusted brand.

We’re proud to have worked with Crosby Training for almost all of their (so far) thirty years. Along with hundreds of design and print projects, we’ve developed an instantly recognisable, flexible brand identity.

The ribbon-like ‘S’ has a 3D quality which allows background colours to show through. This enables us to tie the logo harmoniously into any design project, regardless of its colour scheme.

Check out our Portfolio to see various ways we’ve put the brand to work.

Building a trusted brand.

North Huyton Learning Collaborative was an education initiative working to increase collaboration, attainment and achievement in Knowsley schools.

We’d produced the NHLC quarterly magazine for ages but to mark their fifth anniversary they asked us to create something with a bit more oomph. A video documentary, with contributions from stakeholders, staff, kids and parents, was the obvious choice. Rather than before and after images, we could show real-time progress of NHLC projects and showcase their achievements much more dramatically than on a printed page. 

This title sequence sets a suitable tone for the 15 minute documentary.

Whatever your business, we will develop a corporate identity that works for you.

From initial drafts to refining the design and colour testing, you’ll be consulted at every stage to ensure the finished product is just what you’re looking for.