Building a Brand

Crosby Training.

With flyers for projects such as Licence4Work above we highlight key elements with maximum visual impact. This allows readers to quickly establish how beneficial the course might be.

Delivering employment and training opportunities across the Liverpool City Region, Crosby Training are market leaders. From their logo upwards, we’re proud to have built their brand.

Project Identities.

Crosby Training develop projects for sectors as diverse as construction and social care. Whilst remaining under their corporate banner, it’s important each project has a distinct identity which appeals to its target market.

Building a brand - and keeping it fresh.

We’ve designed a strong yet flexible corporate identity with a logo which can be overlaid on almost any background. The ribbon shaped ‘S’ creates a 3D effect which allows background images or colours to show through and keep the logo fresh wherever it appears.

Keeping a brand invigorated is key to its longevity.

From their staff ID badges to their mobile classroom below, we approach every job with a blank screen. We build a design which meets the brief, makes best use of the medium and gives maximum impact to the message.