Getting Noticed

Social Media.

Creating a presence on social networks offers an unrivalled opportunity to build your brand,  attract new clients, increase sales and drive website traffic.

Whichever social media platform best suits your business, consistency is key. Followers expect new content pretty regularly and of course it should be interesting. If it’s a well constructed visual, brilliant. If it moves a bit, even better.

We produce social media elements for a range of clients – and we’re driven to get them as much attention as possible.

Engage. Enjoy.

Even when there’s nothing much exciting going on, no big projects to report, it’s always worth reminding followers that you’re still around. Keeping your social media active and relevant pays dividends. Much of our own Instagram feed isn’t about selling – it’s about engaging. That’s where social media is vital to your marketing mix.

A quiet spell at Lemon Creative coincided with the departure from Number 10 of national embarrassment Boris Johnson. So we created this animation in double quick time – and the results were impressive.

It soon proved to be our most talked about social media post. (Which was a bit disappointing because our video of Donald Trump singing with the Muppets took ages.)

Keeping it Social: Banners & Headers.

It’s important to keep a clear brand across all of your social media platforms. We really wish Twitter, Facebook, YouTube et al would agree on a standard header size but, until they do, we’re on hand to produce the same artwork in a dozen different sizes. Which isn’t irritating.