It's about the Intro


Sausage on a Fork.

the Grange Hill Podcast.

Based on the iconic BBCtv series. We designed a straight to the point intro and a more elaborate Christmas Special. Ba-da-da-daaaa!

All or Nothing.

the Billy Moore Podcast.

Hard hitting real life stories. Billy wanted a fast, high impact intro which commands attention.

I Kidd You Not.

the Joe Kidd Podcast.

The antics of a team of deep cleaners. A quirky cartoon animation makes good use of the biohazard suit logo we designed.

Fighting Demons.

the Jon Edge Podcast.

The thoughts of a Liverpool boxer. A combination of animation and green screen video.

Giving podcasts some welly.


A good podcast intro sets the tone of your channel and tells viewers what they can expect to see. Do you want them to smile? Gasp? Think? Sit up and pay attention?

Get in touch – tell us about your podcast – we’ll work with you to build your brand.