Enter if you Dare

Devils Cove.

Devils Cove is renowned not just for exceptional tattoos but for premises jam packed with horror memorabilia. This short advert – filmed over two days and edited using time lapse and scratch effects – showcases the quality of their work and the terrors which await customers!

Jump scares galore...watch til the end...

Showcasing (and protecting) the brand.

Showcasing photos of their work on social media is an important part of Devils Cove’s marketing mix. But with tattoos ranging vastly in size – and on all parts of the body – creating a consistent brand image was tricky. There was also a risk of other tattoo studios using their photos.

So we built a 2metre² banner stand in front of which clients can pose with their new works of body art. This ensures whatever size the tattoo, whatever angle the photo is taken from, the Devils Cove logo is prominently featured.